• "The brilliance of Simon Langton School is to take a flavour of the excitement I experienced and continue to experience every day in university life – the excitement of knowing what nobody has ever known before – and bringing it into the classroom."

    Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz FRS, Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge - a quote from his speech ‘The Thrill of Discovery’ the Keynote address at the Opening of the Langton Star Centre, Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, 7th December 2011.

  • "LUCID is not just an educational experiment, it will be the UK's latest space facility. LUCID's research-quality data will be of direct interest and use to the wider science community, allowing students to engage in real research, studying the basic physics of how space weather works."

    Dr Jonathan Eastwood, Lecturer in Space and Atmospheric Physics, Imperial College

  • "It’s like the Langton are playing at being NASA or the European Space Agency; only they’re not playing, they’re doing the real thing."

    Professor Larry Pinsky, University of Houston, Chair of Physics, NASA astronaut dosimetry expert

Beyond the Curriculum

Welcome to the Langton

Dr Matthew Baxter, Headteacher

We have spent years perfecting a genuine research based philosophy to education which we think is unique in the country and believe really equips our students to succeed at university and beyond.

We believe in a learning model whereby teachers and students engage in authentic, open ended academic research in the sciences and humanities searching for answers to questions that, currently, none of them know. By removing the traditional parameters to learning we are constantly astounded by what our students are capable of achieving, way beyond the standard curriculum.

Our way of measuring the success of our ethos is through the very high numbers of students who manage to secure places at Cambridge, Oxford and Russell Group universities. As well as by watching the remarkably confident, self-assured and impressive young men and women our students turn out to be.