GROW Project

Genetic Research On Wheat (GROW) is a national project to involve school students in wheat research. Langton students will have the opportunity to engage in authentic scientific research along with professional scientists.

GROW aims to involve students across the UK in improving wheat crops by growing varieties of wheat and studying a gene that has the potential to produce drought-tolerant high yield wheat strains. This will provide the opportunity for students to take part in tackling the challenge of providing Global Food Security to feed the growing population.

The project will engage students in plant sciences, introduce them to the requirements of conducting ground breaking research and provide an insight into the careers available through further study of biological sciences. The ultimate outcome of the project will be peer reviewed findings published in a scientific journal that will push forward the boundaries of human knowledge.

Students at Simon Langton Grammar School use a range of molecular biology techniques to investigate a cross-bred wheat population grown within a greenhouse on the school site.

Key principles of the national GROW projects

The project will inspire students by providing the chance to be involved in research excellence that makes discoveries with a real impact.

Observations on the growth, yield and appearance of the wheat will be conducted at schools throughout the UK and the data collected for analysis. Teachers across the UK will be able to analyse the wheat growth data with their classes and discuss the contribution of wheat research to solving long term food security concerns.

Teachers will also be able to access supporting materials and resources as well as take part in CPD workshops.

  1. Activities are low tech and relatively cheap
  2. They produce genuinely useful scientific data
  3. They can be carried out by a wide age range
  4. They are of educational benefit