The Star Centre

The Langton Star Centre gives School students opportunities to work on authentic research projects alongside academic and industrial scientists and engineers. The students experience real science and their teachers are reinvigorated by involvement in cutting edge work in their subject.

Current students have developed LUCID, the Langton Ultimate Cosmic Ray Intensity Detector, launching on TechDemoSat-1, are collaboration members of the MoEDAL experiment at CERN, have developed an STFC supported CERN@school project and contribute to biomedical research supported by the Wellcome Trust. They have made our telescope robotic and encourage huge interest in astronomy. Uptake into STEM courses at University has significantly increased.

Aims of the Langton Star Centre

The students have been divided into six groups, each of which is working on one particular aspect of the project.

  1. To increase the uptake of STEM (Science, Engineering, Technical and Mathematics) courses at A Level
  2. To develop aspirations amongst post-16 students to pursue STEM related courses at university and to move on to related careers
  3. To give opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students to work alongside school students conducting research
  4. To encourage more young people into science teaching with the prospect of continuing with research alongside their teaching
  5. To give opportunities for science teachers to engage in research alongside their students as part of their CPD entitlement