Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

‘Congratulations’ Arkwright Engineering Scholarships have been awarded to Joshua Rolison,Will Bradley and Edward Francesconi.

Scholarships are awarded to students throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and a growing number of British Overseas Schools, who aspire to a career in engineering, computing and related areas of technical design.  The Scholarships are awarded through rigorous selection to high-calibre students from all educational backgrounds to support them through their A Levels, Scottish Highers or International Baccalaureate.  Students apply during year 11, S4 and year 12 before taking their GCSE or Scottish Standard Grade exams. Scholarships begin at the start of year 12 year 13. Scholarships consist of an annual financial award to the Scholar and to her/his school, and a range of enrichment activities that increase a Scholar’s understanding of engineering and the world of work, such as mentoring and industry visits.