Latin at KS5


Board: CIE

Outline of the Course

  • Reading of a range of authors in Year 12 to improve fluency & understanding of Roman literature
  • Unseen translation practice throughout the course and consolidation of grammar in Year 12
  • Prose composition – learning to translate from English to Latin (from the start of Year 12)
  • Reading the ‘paired texts’: Virgil Aeneid Book 10 and Lucan Civil War Book 1, beginning in Year 12
  • Reading the set prose text – Cicero: First Speech against Catiline, beginning in term 5 of Year 12
  • Learning commentary and essay skills throughout the course
UnitType of AssessmentDurationWeighting
1Examination: Verse literature - Virgil & Horace – paired texts2hrs 15 mins90 marks 30%
2Examination: Prose Literature - Cicero

1hr 30 mins60 marks 20%
3Examination: Unseen translation (Latin to English in prose & verse)2 hours90 marks 30%
4Examination: Prose Composition (English to Latin) or Comprehension1 hr 30 mins60 marks 20%

Year 7 Appeals

YEAR 7 APPEALS 2020 Please note that Year 7 appeals will not be taking place during the week beginning 27th April 2020 as planned. If you have submitted an appeal by post and have not had an acknowledgement from the school please email the following details to Your son’s name and address his date of birth, current school and Kent Test scores. We are awaiting further information regarding appeals from the Department of Education and Kent County Council as to the next steps. All appellants known to us will be kept updated as the situation evolves.