What is EPQ?

  • the Extended Project Qualification
  • a compulsory part of the Langton curriculum for all students
  • a separate qualification that is officially worth half of an A level
  • the course starts in February of Y12, flowing directly out of the History of Ideas course, and students will complete their EPQs in the summer term of Y12
  • you choose any subject area you wish and set your own title (needs staff approval)
  • you carry out research
  • you work independently with support from a designated member of staff
  • you write a long essay (6000 words) [this applies to the Dissertation route, which most of our students follow. Other options that are available: Artefact, Investigation, Performance]
  • you deliver a 10 minute presentation to a small audience
  • you get a grade (A* to E) certified by the Edexcel exam board – in 2017 58% of students gained an A or A* grade (2016 = 62%).

Why do all Langton students do an EPQ?

  • free choice of subject with no constraints – pursue what stimulates your intellect
  • the pinnacle of 13 years of study
  • in-depth, high-level academic research


  • undergraduate (or higher) level research
  • reading academic texts
  • handling complex academic arguments
  • planning and writing an extended essay over a long period of time
  • presenting your ideas verbally

University entrance

  • your EPQ makes you more likely to get an offer
  • you can show real engagement with a “new” subject area such as law or psychology
  • many universities will give you a lower offer if you do well in EPQ
  • universities are more likely to take you if you miss your A level grades
  • additional UCAS points

Year 7 Appeals

YEAR 7 APPEALS 2020 Please note that Year 7 appeals will not be taking place during the week beginning 27th April 2020 as planned. If you have submitted an appeal by post and have not had an acknowledgement from the school please email the following details to susanbegg@thelangton.kent.sch.uk Your son’s name and address his date of birth, current school and Kent Test scores. We are awaiting further information regarding appeals from the Department of Education and Kent County Council as to the next steps. All appellants known to us will be kept updated as the situation evolves.