Dong Chen

The annual Dong Chen football competition took place on Thursday 29th March.  For the second year running, team Germany (13DCW) won.  An amazing total of £4814.42 was raised, some £700 more than in 2017.

All the proceeds will go to the Pippa Goodman Fund.

You may have heard that Pippa (an ex-Langton student) graduated last summer with a first with distinction in Geography from Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Pippa was recently diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune condition called Lipoedema. She fell ill just before graduating from the University of Cambridge and her career as a business consultant is in jeopardy from this illness. As she has an aggressive form of the condition, if treatment cannot be funded for her, she risks being in a wheelchair by the age of 25 and having to live with chronic autoimmune complications for the rest of her life.

After seeing a couple of consultants the only treatment is surgery but this is not funded by the NHS and has a whopping price tag of £65k.  Pippa and her parents are trying to harness the power of people and the internet to raise the money she needs, our first target is £10k for her first operation which we has been scheduled for May.

Further donations can be made HERE