The Langtonian

Welcome to the Langtonian, a new school newspaper taking the name of a school journal that ran through most of the 20th century, and we are hoping to emulate its longevity. We aim to enrich the minds of pupils and give a creative outlet to all the people who wish to share their opinion with the school. We hope that this will allow students to express their opinions, no matter how controversial, to the community, give a reasoned argument for their thinking and start a discourse between students about intriguing and important topics.

Issue 1 December 2019

Year 7 Appeals

YEAR 7 APPEALS 2020 Please note that Year 7 appeals will not be taking place during the week beginning 27th April 2020 as planned. If you have submitted an appeal by post and have not had an acknowledgement from the school please email the following details to Your son’s name and address his date of birth, current school and Kent Test scores. We are awaiting further information regarding appeals from the Department of Education and Kent County Council as to the next steps. All appellants known to us will be kept updated as the situation evolves.