To provide a service to both parents and the school, the Parents’ Association runs a uniform shop which opens on every Tuesday during term time between 12:30 and 2:30 pm.   They sell new uniform direct from the manufacturers at competitive prices and also second-hand uniform on behalf of parents.  If you have an enquiry with regards uniform, please contact Julia Zoettl by email: Julia.zoettl@gmail.com

Uniform may be purchased from the PA Uniform Shop.  Please click HERE for the current uniform price list.

The school uniform to be worn by years 7 – 11 at school, travelling to and from school and on other appropriate occasions is:

Blazer and Tie Official School Colours
Trousers Plain dark grey or black
Shoes Black or Dark Brown (NOT Sandals, Trainers or Boots)
Shirt Years 7-10 White
Shirt Year 11Any restrained, plain colour
Jumper V-necked grey, black or navy

Physical Education Kit Requirements:

Each pupil will require the following kit for PE and Games:

Compulsory Sports Kit:

Maroon reversible Rugby/Football shirt                    (outdoor)

White embroidered school polo shirt                          (indoor)

Navy embroidered school shorts                                 (indoor and outdoor)

Maroon school football socks                                       (outdoor and indoor hockey)

White socks                                                                      (indoor and cross country)

Studded Boots must be worn for all grass activities e.g. football, rugby, etc. “Astro Shoes” are not suitable.

Indoor Non-Marking Trainers (basketball, indoor hockey, climbing, fitness etc. – dirty trainers will not be acceptable)

Outdoor Trainers (outdoor education, cross country, cricket, athletics etc.)

Shin Pads must be worn for association football (FA requirement) and are also advised for hockey.

Gum Shields are advised to be worn for both rugby and hockey. These can be purchased from the PE department at a cost of £3 (details regarding fitting and ordering will be given out at the start of the Autumn Term) as can safety studs which are required by all players representing the school.

Optional Kit:

Navy embroidered school hoodie

Navy embroidered school tracksuit trousers

NB     The above kit list, both the compulsory and optional items, include the only sports kit that is permissible in physical education lessons and when representing the school. Pupils will not be allowed to wear other generic tracksuit trousers or hoodies without special permission from the PE Department.

The PE department will advise any other specialised kit for sports teams.

Permitted Jewellery: a watch, one plain ball-type ear stud in one ear only.

In the Sixth Form uniform is not required, however guidelines are published to ensure a good standard of dress in school and appropriate dress for special occasions. Details can be found in the Sixth Form Prospectus.

ALL STUDENTS must be well-kempt and are expected to take pride in their appearance. Hair should be clean, well-groomed, tidy and of natural colour. Long hair will need to be tied back at certain times (e.g. in laboratories or workshops). A ‘grade-two’ is the limit for short hair.

NO JEWELLERY of any kind may be worn for any Physical Education activity for Health and Safety reasons.