Year 7 Admissions

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys complies with the Co-ordinated Admission Scheme which is administered by Kent Local Authority . Boys are normally admitted at age 11, when they must have gained a selective place through the Kent PESE and named the school on their Kent Secondary Common Application Form, in order to be eligible for admission. Details of the Kent PESE are available from the Kent County Council booklet “Admission to Secondary School in Kent 2017”. There is no guarantee of a place to applicants who meet the over-subscription criteria.

The Published Admissions Number (PAN) in Y7 is 120, for all other year groups the PAN remains at 128. The school is currently oversubscribed in all year groups.

Our Admissions Policy and Oversubscription policy can be found here.

For admission enquiries please email


If you name this school as one of your preferences on the SCAF but are unsuccessful in gaining a place for your child you have the right to appeal against this decision.

If you wish to exercise this right you must complete the Appeal Form here and send it to the school before the deadline of Thursday 29th March 2018.

The appeals for Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys will be heard during the week beginning 14th May 2018.

All appellants will be sent written notice of the date of their appeal at least 10 school days in advance of the hearing, unless they have waived this right. If an appellant fails to attend or is unable to attend, but it is impractical to offer an alternative date, the appeal will go ahead and be decided on the written information supplied by them.

If you would like some general guidance on the appeal process please email

Other useful guidance and help can be found at:

The Advisory Centre for education Tel: 0808 800 5793   www.ace‐

Kent Test Practice Papers

If your child is sitting, or may be sitting, the Kent Test for entry to a grammar school, you might be interested to know that the company who create the tests for KCC (GL Assessment) now have free familiarisation tests published on their website HERE

In-Year Casual Admissions

If you wish your child to be considered for admission into the Langton you will need to submit an In Year Casual Admission Application. You can download a form here.

Please note that the school is currently oversubscribed in all year groups.

An explanation of School Roll Numbers

The school has a published admission number of 120 which means that neither the school, nor the Local Authority, can offer any more than 120 places in any year group (four forms of 30 students). Only an appeal panel is permitted, by law, to instruct the school to take more students. However, the school acknowledges that it has the accommodation and staffing levels that mean that it can take four forms of 32 into each year – making a total of 128 boys. Historically, the appeal panel takes the school roll up to 128 in Year 7 each year and these 128 Year 7 boys go on to be 128 in Year 8 and so on.

It should be noted that if there are fewer than 128 students in the year group into which admission is being sought, then admission may be possible, subject to the student passing the school’s entrance tests in English, Maths and Science demonstrating an appropriate academic ability. The school must be confident that such an admission would not prejudice the education of boys already in school.

It should be noted that: The school would expect the place to be taken up immediately

If the student in question does not do as well as hoped in the entrance tests we will not offer a place regardless of the numbers in the Year group. Parents would have the right to lodge an appeal against the decision not to admit. Under these circumstances the appeal panel may look to the parents to provide evidence that his test results did not accurately reflect his academic ability. However, the school would put a robust argument to the panel that the child did not have the required academic ability to enable him to successfully integrate into the school and keep pace with the lessons at the school.

It should be noted that:

In the past 12 years no appeal panel has ever instructed the school to make an offer of admission when the student in question achieved significantly low marks in the entrance tests.

The school does not maintain a waiting list for Years 8 – 13 and only between September and December for Year 7 boys.   In Year Casual Admissions are dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. Places will not be held open.

Entrance tests will only be arranged if there are fewer than 128 students in the year group.

Admission into Year 9 in June of each year

The school is able to take additional boys into Year 9 during the final term in each academic year (which starts in June). Class sizes are reduced at this stage as Langton students split into their option groups for GCSE subjects and become Year 9+.

In many ways this is the best time for a Year 9 boy to join the school; he would be amongst other boys in the same situation and the Langton’s own students would also be moving into classes with boys they have not previously been to lessons with.

Boys seeking admission into Year 9+ would be required to sit the entrance tests and the same procedures described above with regards to the entrance test results would apply.

Boys wishing to join us for Year 9+ must attend a testing day which will take place on a Saturday in March.    Please download, complete and return the Application Form here to Susan Begg.

NB  Boys attending the testing day must be at the school by 9.15 am.  The tests will start promptly at 9.30 am.  Further details will be sent to anyone submitting the application form.

Admission into Year 10

The school is very reluctant to take students into Year 10. Langton students start their GCSE syllabuses in Year 9+ and boys joining after that time would be significantly disadvantaged and required to spend a lot of time on private study during evenings, weekends and holidays to get up to speed.

Admission into Year 11

The school does not admit students into Year 11 except in extreme circumstances.

If you require any further information please contact Mrs Susan Begg Admissions Manager,

Sixth Form Admission into Years 12 and 13

Enquiries regarding admission into the Sixth Form should be directed to Mr Joe Eagle, Director of Studies

If you would like to know how far you live from the school you can go to

Scroll down the page to get to ‘Schools Near Me’.  Enter your postcode and search for schools within, say,  10 miles.  This will bring up a list of all the schools in alphabetical order with a distance calculated to one decimal point.  This distance is a guide only as the final distances will be calculated to seven decimal points.