Can you help Pippa?

Pippa is an ex-Langton student who graduated last summer with a first with distinction in Geography from Magdalene College, Cambridge.  She was a real live wire and fully embraced all aspects of our ethos here at the Langton.  Sadly, Pippa has recently been diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune condition called Lipoedema.  She fell ill just before graduating from the University of Cambridge and her career as a business consultant is in jeopardy from this illness.  As she has an aggressive form of the condition and if treatment cannot be funded for her, she risks being in a wheelchair by the age of 25, having to live with chronic autoimmune complications for the rest of her life.  After seeing a couple of consultants, the only treatment is surgery, but this is not funded by the NHS and has a whopping price tag of £65K, an amount her family cannot imagine finding, so to that effect, they have started a crowdfunding page.  The family are trying to harness the power of people and the internet to raise the money needed.  The first target is £10K for Pippa’s first operation, which can hopefully be scheduled for May.  If you click on the link HERE, you will see what the condition does and find information on how you can help.  Any support would be appreciated.  Our 6th form team will be donating the money raised at the Dong Chen events later in the term to Pippa’s cause.