Research At The Langton

We promise a contemporary and unique approach to post-sixteen education study based on our philosophy of a research focused education programme that takes you way beyond the traditional model of teaching to pass A Level examinations practised in most schools. As such, we proudly boast that your university education starts here. Much of our teaching is conducted at undergraduate level and the range of academic opportunities for both the Art and Humanities and Science is intended to offer you the option of involving yourself in genuine open ended academic research, usually realised in the Extended Project Qualification in Year 13, but also in a host of other ways.

The Langton Star Centre

The Langton Star Centre is our home of science based research projects at the Langton. We know that our commitment to taking you way beyond the narrow confines of A Level makes you a more attractive prospect to university admissions tutors as our record of placing students in the elite universities is rarely bettered in Kent. We will challenge your thinking and stimulate your intellect and, most importantly, aim to give you the best two years of your life so far.

"We acknowledge the Langton's pioneering work in involving school students in the excitement of fundamental research and agree completely that the Langton Star Centre could play an active important role in the MoEDAL experiment, drawing on its recognised and strong track record in this arena."

Professor Jim Pinfold, Spokesperson for the MoEDAL collaboration

Year 7 Appeals

YEAR 7 APPEALS 2020 Please note that Year 7 appeals will not be taking place during the week beginning 27th April 2020 as planned. If you have submitted an appeal by post and have not had an acknowledgement from the school please email the following details to Your son’s name and address his date of birth, current school and Kent Test scores. We are awaiting further information regarding appeals from the Department of Education and Kent County Council as to the next steps. All appellants known to us will be kept updated as the situation evolves.