Varsity Match

Last term we took a couple of minibuses to Twickenham to watch The Varsity Match: Oxford Vs Cambridge.  We took my mighty U15s (who had a good run in their National Cup tournament) and the senior 6th Form Girls team to hopefully inspire them as we watched the Ladies kick off at 11am before the Men at 3pm.  It was Hardev’s (our Lettings Manager) first ever rugby game and what luck that it was held at Twickenham: not the worst stadium to go to.  He thoroughly enjoyed it!  The whole day was organised very well, credit to Twickenham and the RFU.  Tickets were easily picked up, lots of different food stalls and bars (but not for us!) and the plastic cups which you could return for £1 kept the boys busy scrounging when the rugby got a bit too boring…. I remember one boy actually made £30 that day!  Apparently Cambridge Ladies won their match and Oxford Men won theirs…. I can’t remember as I was too busy watching the crowd!  Roll on next year!

Mr N Little