Year 8 Geography Trip Stratford, London

Year 8 Geography Visit to London Stratford – 9 and 10th October

All Year 8 students were taken to Stratford in October as part of their Geographical studies. After an early start in the morning, we arrived at Stratford at 10.15 am and toured the Olympic Park area and the East Village (built for the Athletes). Students looked at the environment, litter and vandalism, and counted traffic and pedestrians over a period of time. We then went to the Orbit and travelled up in the lifts to the viewing platform. Lots of photos were taken, including the unique photos of the slide through the top platform, which was a popular choice.

On return to the ground (via the stairs) and a swift lunch, we walked into the old part of Stratford to carry out a similar investigation and then compare the morning and afternoon sites. We finished the day with a successful coach journey back to school. The trip was hugely enjoyed by the Year 8 students and will now allow students to make decisions about how successful regeneration of an area is.