Year 10 Visit to Eurotunnel

Year 10 Business students had a 2 day visit to Eurotunnel on the 10th and 24th January 2018.

The first day was enjoyed by all and the day consisted of a tour of the site along with a trip through passport control, security and the check-in desks.

On the second day, the students had to impress the Marketing Manager with their ideas of how Eurotunnel could be marketed to 20 to 35 year olds who live and work in a digital environment.  The boys did a great job with their presentations, part of which had to be in a foreign language!  The marketing team had a difficult job in choosing a winner, but due to their well thought out methods and considerations as to how the customers would utilise their idea, the winners were:

Max Reid, Archie Adamson, Luca Gaugas,  Rohan Singh and Harry Watersmith